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We recognize that The Orchard might not be the type of Christian community that you are searching for - different churches emphasize different things. Perhaps there are some other Churches in Northern Virginia, or nearby, that would support your journey with Christ. So, if God is directing you toward a different style of church, we want to help you find a quality church in the area because it can be difficult to sort through nearly a thousand possibilities in our region.

We are familiar with dozens of local churches, and might be able to help you find one that is right for you. Listed below are some examples of quality Christian churches that operate within the boundaries of Scripture, and provide a high-quality service on Sunday morning (you may find high variation in the style and "spiritual expression" between these churches):

The Orchard
Location:  Dunn Loring, Merrifield, Eastern Fairfax between Vienna and Falls Church.  Walking distance to Dunn Loring Metro Station on the Orange Line.
Service Style:  Includes evangelical and liturgical elements, informal, weekly Holy Communion
Music Style: Contemporary band - modern praise music, with some hymns.

The Orchard is a growing Christian community that places strong emphasis on Christian relationships and mission outreach to our community.  The Senior Pastor, Doug Ellis, has an energetic and humorous style.  Children & youth participate in the first half of the Sunday service, then break into age-appropriate groups. 

The people at The Orchard serve in missions to children & families, the homeless, and those needing transitional support.

Fairfax Community Church
Location:  West side of Fairfax City, near Fairfax County Parkway (Central part of Northern Virginia).
Service Style: Evangelical, informal
Music Style: Contemporary band - praise music & occasional hymns

This church is of moderate size with just over 1,500 in attendance on the weekend. It is an evangelical style, and features great contemporary praise music.  Children and youth are separated into their own services. The Senior Pastor, Rod Stafford, is a very good speaker.

McLean Bible Church
Location:  West end of Tysons Corner, near Dulles Toll Road
Service Style: Evangelical, moderate informal
Music Style:  Depends upon the service.  Contemporary orchestral or band, mainstream praise music & some hymns; Worship Team

This church is Northern Virginia's "megachurch" with over 13,000 attending each week (January 2007) and a vision to grow to 60,000 with satellite venues. If you are looking for something in a church and feel comfortable with a large-church environment, you are most likely to find it here! Lon Solomon, the Sr. Pastor, is a very good speaker.

One ministry of note is MBC's Access Ministry which works with the disability community.

Cherrydale Baptist Church
Location:  Northeast Arlington off the Spout Run exit of I-66, at the intersection of Military Road and Lorcom Lane.
Service Style: Traditional evangelical, formal (though many young people dress casually)
Music Style: Prayer, Hymns, Piano with Worship Leader

Theologically conservative and traditional in their worship. This is a moderate sized church with a weekly attendance around 500 spread across two services.

The Falls Church Anglican
Location:  Downtown Falls Church
Service Style: Liturgical, formal
Music Style: Multiple formats: Large Pipe Organ with choir, sometimes orchestra or Worship Team

The Falls Church is fairly large, averaging over 1,500 in attendance each week. It is an Anglican Church, but because of its more conservative views it is not tied with the U.S. Episcopal Church.

Truro Anglican Church is similar to The Falls Church, and it is located in Fairfax City.  Truro founded and oversees The Lamb Center, a daytime drop-in center for the poor and poor in spirit.

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